Get Safe Repairs for Gas Leaks in Your Home

Get Safe Repairs for Gas Leaks in Your Home

Contact us for gas line repairs in Le Ray, Watertown and Dexter, NY

If left unchecked, a damaged gas line can be dangerous for your home. If you suspect gas is leaking into your home, contact Empire State Heating & Air for immediate gas line repairs. Our team will visit your home in Dexter, Le Ray or Watertown, NY as soon as possible, treating every case with the utmost concern.

Call us at 315-489-2518 for more information on the importance of gas leak detection.

Learn more about our gas leak remediation process

Gas leaks are a very serious issue that require immediate remediation. That's why we follow a three-step safety process on every gas leak detection and repair job we do. We will:

  • Eliminate the leak to make the space safe again
  • Perform pressure tests to ensure the integrity of the system
  • Charge the system, then perform another test for additional assurance

Don't hesitate to report a damaged gas line. Contact us now for gas leak repairs.