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Part of life is learning how to deal with continuous change. 2020 is going to force many business owners to face major adjustments with the R22 phaseout. The R22 is an HVAC system that has been banned by the EPA due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer. Once the new year begins, HVAC contractors will no longer be able to repair your system, which gives you several options moving forward. 

You could go ahead and install a new system, wait until your old system breaks or retrofit your current system to meet new standards. Like many things, this isn’t a “one shoe fits all” situation. Empire State Heating & Air is an HVAC contractor in Watertown, NY that will help you find an option that will fit your needs. 

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Waiting might not be the most strategic choice. If you’re having an issue, you would need to replace the whole system. This is not a simple process. This could be incredibly inconvenient and slow down productivity. 

Retrofitting could be a good choice but it doesn’t work on many systems. If your system is in poor condition, we’ll most likely recommend installing a new one. A proactive replacement means that you’re installing an HVAC system on your own terms. This aspect alone can be greatly beneficial to you and your business.

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